Jul 12, 2010
nyafka (All reviews)
Here there is no plot.
Here is not present kawaii.
Here there is no magnificent ending.
Even any overlooked reduction, monster, or at least pancu - and that is not present the latent abilities.
Oh, damn, despite that is the story about Poor sisters - even dramas and that is not present.
You can be shocked by it, but forgive for a spoiler - here nobody will die! Yes, yes, in an anime applying for a drama genre all remain are live. Whether well a shame?
All seems so simply. All Seems so is banal. All Seems so is smoothed.
. That we do not trust that the such can be actually in this mad, mad, mad world. We have got used to trust only in the bad.

And I have risked to believe. To each smile in it an anime. To each sound of their wonderful laughter. To each day that has lived near to them. And about what I am not sorry.

This anime not for all. Only for those who has not forgot to trust yet in the good. And you.. trust?