Jul 4, 2010
cutiefee (All reviews)
Honestly, I was hesitant in reading this. Not only was it a old manga, the summary didn't seem interesting, plus the manga cover on the information page didn't look like my type. It took me three stares at its mangaupdates page just to be curious why people gave this a manga 10's and 9's.

The story is very unique, which adds a +1 to why you need to read this. This manga is about the life of three sisters life in Kyoto and their confectionery shop, Fukuya. Each sister has their own time to shine in this manga and the occasional twists makes it more interesting. It is the story of the sister's daily life, their family life, their problems, their love life and the sister's and the other character's past. The whole story is actually very realistic.

Just stating that the art bleeds is not a reason to throw this manga out of your list. Compare to today's manga, this manga would be considered an eyesore. Though the art may not suffice to the readers, bear with it because this was the style which was common in the 1900's. And honestly, it suited the story of the manga ( I cannot imagine another style which would suit this manga.)

What is very good about this manga is that it tells the story in different perspectives (not just focused on one character). The three sisters are very unique from each other, and the characters around them are also very unique. (You won't find someone with the same attitude with one character). This manga also portrays the difference of Kyoto people from the other people of Japan which makes you more interested in Kyoto's culture.

I do not regret reading this and just around this time when it had 8 volumes because you'll start to want more every week. Though, I was confused at times, it is bearable because the next chapter would suffice my confusion. Another reason why I enjoyed in this manga is that I have learned a lot about Kyoto's culture and wagashi or Japanese confectioneries (Thanks to the scanlator's hard work for putting one every chapter). It also is very realistic especially the sister's romance. (Not that fast, you'll feel that it was developed.)

If you want something fresh, not the usual Josei which has a beautiful art but horrible storyline and your just reading it for smut. I seriously recommend this manga, but I suggest waiting for all the volume so nothing will stop you from reading.

I would definitely love to hear your comments on my review (as this is my first review). Thank you very much for reading!