Apr 4, 2018
Ginorin (All reviews)
Kimi to Kamihikooki to is a light-hearted 4-koma romance SOL that tried too hard.

Story: 5
The story is ridiculously slow for the length of the manga, the ending is not conclusive, and any conflict seems forced and childish. The concept of paper planes as a means of communication is interesting, but barely explored, and instead used more as a moe device. This series should either go down the path of being a bit more dramatic and longer or kill off the melodrama and commit to just cute kids doing cute things.

Art: 7
Average for this kind of story. Pretty cute, but also somewhat inconsistent. Everything is just a little too small. The characters are distinct, but their emotions don't get across well. The art is too focused on trying to be cute at times.

Character: 5
Bland. The supporting male constantly feels like someone who's supposed to be evil but forced by the author to be good; his looks, words, and actions don't match.
The MC is an absolute wuss who can't even think for himself, let alone be decisive. Practically every conflict that arises had to be drilled into him by another character. Doesn't deserve the main heroine.
The main heroine isn't that much better. Very stereotypical troubled cute/moe girl who's as fragile as a snowflake. No initiative.
The supporting female character feels like someone with split-personality. Introduced as one type of character and then suddenly becoming another by way of "the past."
Literally every character in this series is more meant to be a tool for cutesy heartstring tugging than anything meaningful.

Enjoyment: 6
I finished it. That's about as good as a 5. +1 for being somewhat cute and fulfilling that objective. Other than that, there are series with similar length that manages to do much more.

Overall: 6
Meh. Wouldn't re-read.