Apr 2, 2018
waakeja (All reviews)
I'm surprised that nobody has made a review yet so far on the novel, I guess I'll be the first.

Story 8/10: The story is fairly simple: There's a goblin slayer and he wants to kill all of them.
All jokes aside (well technically the sentence above wasn't a joke, but) the story is indeed very simple that contains moments where you think "Huh, i never thought of that". Goblin Slayer, the main protagonist takes on a bunch of quests that involves goblins and he soon meets a bunch of companions that decides to fight with him. They go on a bunch of adventures and dungeons that are filled with grim challenges which are solved by using tactician.
Another part of why the story is great is because it's unique. I mean, who would've thought goblins who were commonly known as the weakest of fantasy monsters were cunning and raped women?

Art 10/10: It's usually hard to judge art in novels and this all comes down to personal preference.

Character 9/10: Each has a unique personality that all molds and fits in together with the group and also have their own distinct fighting role that has great chemistry with one another. The protagonist is-despite his dispassionate and toneless self-is someone you can grow attached to, because under all that armor is a kind heart. The novel does have some unintentional "aww" moments with Goblin Slayer which can light your heart sometimes. The supporting cast does it's job very well-they all compliment the main character (Read it and you'll see what i mean!).

Enjoyment 10/10: All in all the enjoyment is quite wonderful. Characters are all likeable and the fighting text are imaginably badass (is that a thing?) One thing i really liked about the series was how they had these breaks in between the missions, almost like a time to reconvene, chill out and it helps bond the team outside of the battlefield.

Overall 10/10: Summarizing it up, I'm enjoying the series. Finished 2 books and am already quite attached to it, not to mention this is only the beginning. From the start, it'll capture your interest if you like blood and a unique story. Give it a go if you're bored!