Mar 25, 2018
Ginorin (All reviews)
Fans of monster girls, you've got to try this!

Not only is this a new take on the idea of monster girls, it's one of the better slice of life love comedies out there. If you like Ojojojo, Ninja Shinobu, etc., you will love this.

Story: 9
Perfect slice-of-life elements. The only pity is that it's too short. Sweet, to the point, and funny, this will lift your spirits after wading through a swamp of trashy dramas. It wraps up pairings nicely, without making anything feel forced, and it's one of the first romance where a confession doesn't occur, and isn't necessary at all.

Art: 9
Fits this mange well. Simplistic background and scenery, but characters are well drawn to fit their nature and personality. For a monster girl that's both dinosaur and human, you can feel the rawness in the art style that reflects the "Cretaceousness" of their primal side, like in how teeth are depicted with much more crudeness. Yet, you can also feel the typical cutesy Japanese manga girl from elements like hairstyle and eyes. There's also some good attention to detail as well, and certain elements maintain their needed continuity across panels.

Characters: 10
Unique, fun, memorable, and likable. Although their personalities might be slightly cliche, the addition of the dinosaur element evens things out and keeps things fresh. Character growth is apparent as the series progresses, and characters that is initially unlikable makes a reasonable comeback. One of the better aspect though is probably the translator's skillful and...liberal use of language in dialogues, which adds to the realism.

Enjoyment: 9
I thoroughly enjoyed this manga, although I definitely think more could be done. It has so much potential, breaking one of the new frontiers of the monster girl genre. While character backgrounds were explored, it certainly could have done much more towards that end. And, ffs, it'd just be nice to see more of the characters interacting with one another.

Overall: 10
Read it. I highly recommend it.