Mar 1, 2018
Mally27 (All reviews)
Yuzomori-san is one of the very true pioneers of it's kind. We are taken into the mind of young high schooler Mimika. She comes upon a young child in the park on her way to school one day and is immediately taken aback by her. Although some people might argue that it isn't deep as some people might think. I disagree completely.

We are immediately taken into an unknown and unexplored world which is of female pedophilia. Yuzomori-san is 9 years old (could be younger or older this is the age I remember). She is a tiny and frail elementary school child. Despite her precocious nature she posseses all of the physical qualities that children her age have. Tiny stature, a childs body, a childs face etc etc. Mimika loves that, it takes very little time for her to feel sexual attraction and romantic attraction to this little girl.

Although the story carries on fairly carefree and Mimika-s best friend just calls her a lolicon blatantly, the story is far more developed than that. Mimika deals with her realization in a unique to manga way. She struggles with her attraction, with how society percieves it, with how Yuzomori-san would percieve it.

Mimika is a female pedophile, who sadly over-steps her bounderies with Yuzomori-san instead of getting away from possibly scarring the childs life and development. However this is a manga and anything can happen. Since this is literally the true first of it's kind that involves turmoil and a legitimate cycle of falling in love with a child as an almost grown woman I can let slip that flaws in it.

Yuzomori-san is a beautiful and truly deeply rooted psychological series. That can be disguised as just being another cute manga. In truth it is anything but that, and I hope to see more manga like this eventually, with the true angst and turmoil.

10/10 worth the read.