Feb 10, 2018
Tokela (All reviews)
Four espisodes are four different stories, that the reason why it is tought to rate all of them by one mark. The second story was quite boring to me, so was the third. However 1st and, especcialy, fouth were kind of a masterpiece. After watching all of them I was so confused that I was unable to give it any rate.
The specials are great mean to meet our favurite characters one more time, also to learn new things about their history. Few scences where already shown in the core series, for me it is an advantage, as it allows to place a situation in the time frame, and it proves that this is not completely new story out of the blue.
Art is the same, characters are the same, and sound is fine, so my enjoyment was pretty high. However it is not what I had expected from the story and it was not really interesting/intriguing for me. Not dropped after third only because there would be no sense in dropping last episode.
I don't regret watching it and totally recommend you to watch these specials, but bear in your mind it is not a whole new story, just short pictures form the past.