Feb 7, 2018
AJ (All reviews)
based on an older japanese game, corpse party is about a bunch of high schoolers who do a charm to always be together, the charm fails as someone didnt do it right, and they ended up in the "other side" basically a broken down elementary school, which you will need to play the game or read as i cant explain it well without spoiling. the charm is popular as you see a lot of other students corpses are lying around in various parts of the school that are from different schools across the country from different times. there are evil spirits out to kill the living and its pretty gorey, as the videogame originally had MULTIPLE endings so the manga has a certain ending as the anime version has another ending. its very enjoyable to read and figure out the route the manga takes from the videogame. its very creepy and keeps you on your toes to keep you wanting to read and read. i highly recommended if you like scary horror manga or stories