Feb 7, 2018
TheRealYato (All reviews)
One of the best one shots you will ever read, a love story between two different species that will blow your mind. The story reminded me of my childhood when i owned a shiba inu and i let him take walks on his own, one day i put a go pro hero 4 on him to see what he does on his daily walks and this manga is exactly what happens. Don't let the reviews fool you this is a definitely a must read.

Story: 9/10 amazing love tale that struck my heart. I will not spoil anything so instead just read it for yourself.

Art: 10/10 the dog truly sticks out to my soul and moves me passionately. emotion is expressed perfectly in every way imaginable.

Character: 10/10 says a lot about the two characters in such a short time. truly moving.

Enjoyment: 10/10 puts a tear in my eye every time

overall: 10/10 truly a modern day masterpiece