Jan 12, 2018
_Poochyena_ (All reviews)
Brothers Conflict is my bias so take this review with a grain of salt.

I like this special A LOT because it gives most of the brothers a chance to fantasize about their life with Ema if their wish came true. The personalities in this special are consistent with their characters in the main storyline so it's not like an alternate reality setting where only one guy has feelings for her and all the others suddenly don't for the sake of an offshoot episode. It's a trait I've always loved about Brothers Conflict. It's very fair to each love interest; they have equal opportunity to win Ema's heart.

The music, art, and atmosphere are consistent with the main anime, so if you enjoyed those aspects before, you'll enjoy them again cause they're the same. The music's always been one of my favorite features of Brothers Conflict and it's a shame I can't seem to find the official soundtrack.

My only gripe with this special is the omission of the brothers Hikaru, Iori, Kaname, Louis, Masaomi, Ukyo, and Wataru. It makes sense why they weren't there, but I happen to love all the brothers, especially Wataru, and it was disappointing they weren't featured here. I can understand however due to time constraints it may have been necessary to omit their perspectives.

I recommend this of course to anyone who enjoyed Brothers Conflict, but if you didnt like the series initially, this special won't change your mind.