Jan 3, 2018
Fairless (All reviews)
May i take the job of writing an updated review for this manga that appears almost dead in MAL but still lives on tenipuri fans.

Story: First with 9 / Now 6
As we expect, Konomi did an awesome work when introducing ourselves to what was the beggining a new journey for the mid-schoolers, but as i did say, the awesome work was done at the beggining, but the farthest the manga gets, the worse the story becomes. It came from building up all characters and it's abilities to ridiculously powers-up that comes out from nowhere. New characters are not well developed as there are many, and all bad things that now come with the manga i believe is because the story went to a road that is even unknown for Konomi.

Art : 9
Still pretty good, awesome, it manages to catch the aura and the sensation that i believe the author wants us to feel. For me it's like watching the anime on the manga (Lol), they manage to draw perfectly all players and their abilities.

Character: 6
As i said, the story started awesome, and it became something that i can't understand. Ryoma instead of growing up, it became someone i wanna punch, can't believe they became the main character from being "cool" to be someone who doesn't have clear it's toughts in almost the whole series, seriously a big disappointment for me. As for the rest of the characters of Japan, the new ones are pretty well developed, but for the lastest episodes, one must read and judge.

Enjoyment: 9
I still got the same hype that i had when i watched the anime, the excitement caused by the matches causes you to want to read more and more, this is the main cause that i still follow this manga.

Overall: 8
One must read the manga to understand some changes on it. If you have liked POT the anime or the manga, i recommend reading this manga, but for me it gets bad gradually.
May i be frustrated on how the things turned to be at NPOT now, but i will still say, the further it goes, the worse it comes. Yours to decide.