Jan 3, 2018
Frankcoco (All reviews)
This is a simple comedy anime with some historical facts based on the warlord Oda Nobunaga with some obviously historical inaccuracy throughout it as it's clearly made for young children to watch and enjoy.

Since this a comedy show the animation style is done with chibi style for all the characters, its simple and while I am not a particular fan of it, its fine for the run time of the anime being only three minutes long. And it works well for the show for the characters show off their more comedic expressions or tell the fast paced jokes in each of the episodes, but it still has problem. Some of the jokes can be hit or miss in some episodes and some jokes are often being told so fast often you might miss it.

The music is repetitive and uninteresting and outside of the two opening songs, I just tried my best put up with the music in the background. The acting is fine, for the material that the actors have and I have nothing honestly bad to say about the characters or the story. Since I don't have any knowledge about these actual historical characters it was interesting to at least know abridged version of Nobunaga and his generals on the unification of Japan, but I understand if your familiar with the actual history of this era you probably be more upset with this anime than.

It's an anime meant for a younger demographic, I know that but as an anime I just find it to be average, its fine if you take your time and watch and few episodes a day and not binge watch all the episodes at once, because you'll probably be more frustrated with it. If you don't care about the historical accuracy of the characters and take your time watching this series, you'll find an enjoyable, short and funny anime to pass the time with.