Nov 21, 2017
DarkRavie (All reviews)
Note: This review is for Meine Liebe and Meine Liebe Wieder

The main hero of the anime is Orpherus, a young man who believes in a country ruled by its people and whose sister was killed in an act of terrorism two years prior. Orpherus, nicknamed Orphe, is surrounded by his friends and rivals and together they struggle to make their dream come true — being the king’s advisers.

First season
The first season begins by introducing the characters, their past and their ambitions. Orpherus, Eduard, Camus, Ludwig and Naoji are five noblemen who attend the prestigious Rosenstolz academy, and who are a part of the Strahl class – a class for potential candidates for the advisory positions in the royal palace in the small European country of Kuchen. Isaac is an English writer who visits Kuchen. While still students, the five noblemen are forced to deal with corrupted politicians, secret agents, attempted murder and ambitious individuals from both inside and outside of school who threaten to break the fragile peace in their country, and even assassinate the king.

Second season
The five Strahl candidates return to their final year in Rosenstolz, but troubles are far from over. The previous headmaster disappears without saying a word and the new headmaster has a revolutionary idea that threatens to tear the academy apart. But there are troubles not only inside the academy. The king is hiding information, Lui’s mother is depressed and Lui himself is being accused of severe treason. While on the run Orphe is nearly shot once again, and Ed finds out that figures from their past have once again arrived at Kuchen. Now the five of them must prove Lui’s innocence while stopping a hideous ploy to sell Kuchen to foreign hands.

My thoughts:
Although subbed this anime was really good. I enjoyed it. The characters are great and stay the same in both seasons with a few new characters introduced in season 2. I really like Eduard. His friendship with Orpherus is very deep; they have a understanding of each other and can sometimes know what the other is thinking. I recommend both for your viewing pleasure.