Nov 12, 2017
Mixed Feelings
First off the voice acting... I could not stand the sister in law's voice. I found it really grating and had to watch all her scenes muted. If anyone is into that kind of voice I'm not trying to be rude, but personally I couldn't listen to it.

Secondly the big problem I had with this, the blonde asshole. The way he was introduced to the story was complete and utter nonsense. The local doctor is busy so we need to look after his 17+ year old (just guessing the age, but he is more than old enough to take care of himself. He has facial hair ffs) son. Uhhh wtf? It's so obvious that he was just thrown in for the extra NTR, and then he disappears just as poorly as he was introduced. Most of the story is rather good and links together well, but this is so bad you could completely remove his scenes and it wouldn't even upset the flow of the story at all. Also his NTR can't be called anything other than rape. He is a stereotypical "niceguy" who thinks he should make an advance on someone just because they are nice to him. Don't worry about her saying "stop, don't do this" because as long as you like her enough that makes it ok to keep going. She eventually gave in and told him what he wanted to hear (that she liked/wanted it) so that means it wasn't really rape, right? Never mind the fact that it happened when she was emotionally distraught before it even started and he was blackmailing her. Him being in it dropped my "story" rating by 1 and that probably too lenient. If you completely skip through all of his scenes it makes it a lot more enjoyable.

The last bit of story I was a bit confused about was the first 2:40 of the second episode. The scene was hot, but I have no idea who they are. The daughter calls him "papa", but the mom isn't one of the main two characters. Maybe it's in the future and she is the pregnant girl who is shown for a few seconds after the credits at the end of the episode? Either way it was another part that was randomly thrown in with no set-up.

The saving grace of it was the outstanding art and the well done sex scenes, especially the last one that hit on two of my big fetishes. It managed to make it a decently enjoyable watch despite how bad the above mentioned things were and the fact that I hate NTR and despise rape.

If there wasn't so much hentai out there for me to watch and I got really bored one day I would possibly consider doing a quick edit and cutting out the blonde guy parts and rewatching it. Without them I would probably rate it an 8 overall, but as it stands it get's a 6.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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