Oct 6, 2017
cbob1 (All reviews)
Pikotaro's Lullabies are quintessential Takashi Taniguchi - wry, a little clumsy and rather silly (maybe even downright stupid).

Not to be taken seriously, these 3-minute shorts offer an alternative perspective to classic fables/folktales from around the world. Aside from the opening and closing, there is minimal/no music and - true to Taniguchi's style - all sound effects are depicted by voice. The characters are often awkward and have tenuous interactions with Pikotaro (Kosaka Kazuhito), and the art is what one might find in a picture story book or web comic.

Overall, these may be great for anyone who has a penchant for pineapple apple pens, thinks Shigeo is handsome, joined Charlie on his journey to Candy Mountain, empathise with beached whales and/or can't stop mumbling, "Snape, Snape, Se~~~verus Snape".