May 11, 2010
adayday24 (All reviews)
EDIT: I just reread this manga for about the fourth time, and reading my original review made me realize I didn't give it the justice it deserves (and I never will be able to because I don't have that ultimate power). This series is one of the most beautiful and pure romance manga I have ever read.

You might say I'm crazy for giving this series a perfect score, a ten, but trust me when I say this series deservers even more. Could you imagine not wanting to touch the one you care about because you're scared you'll only do harm? Could you imagine knowing you will live while your loved one will eventually die? Could you imagine falling for someone you shouldn't have?

Hana to Akuma tells the tale of Vivi and Hana, a demon and a human. Vivi finds Hana alone in the snow as a baby and decides to take care of her "to pass the time". What Vivi didn't plan to do was become so attached to her. Throughout the entire manga you see their love for each other grow. They face obstacles in their journey, some trivial and simple, and other serious and life changing. One obstacle Vivi must face personally is a human boy fancying Hana, something I particularly enjoyed very much. A demon king also comes between the two, even going so far as to make Hana do something that results her experience pian in order to save Vivi's life.

The first couple chapters of Hana to Akuma are sweet and short one-shot like chapters that start to give you a taste of the relationship between Vivi and Hana. As the series moves on their relationship deepens and I know you will begin to understand why this series deserves a ten.

Hana to Akuma is full of sweet moments between the Viva and Hana, as well as very funny and witty comments exchanged from Vivi and his fellow demon friend Felton. True shoujo fans will not be disappointed by Hana to Akuma at all, and I believe those who just like a little bit of romance every now and then will find this to be worth their time.

And come on, have you seen Vivi? :D
ORIGINAL: Many people might see Hana to Akuma as your typical shoujo manga. However, I happen to enjoy this series very much. Granted the plot and story take a while to develop, but right now the manga is progressing fairly well. A big twist has just been revealed and I'm dying to know the ending.

The art of the manga isn't so bad either. I think the way the author draws Vivi at his different emotions really shows what kind of person he is. Hana is captured as a pure innocent happy-go-lucky girl. All the other character's appearances really do exemplify their nature.

The characters themselves are alright. Of course Hana and Vivi are my favorite because they are the lead roles. The other characters do have a chance to go through character development in the series, but sometimes I do get annoyed when they are dedicated a whole entire chapter. One of the hardest things to do in anime and manga is developing characters without over shadowing the main leads. Hana to Akuma is 'good' in developing characters, because I have seen worse.

Overall, this is one of my favorite manga series. I'm a shoujo fangirl period, and I feel like this manga shows a lot of shoujo characteristics. Vivi always ends up saving Hana. Hana yearns for Vivi, and later on he does too. Vivi tries do deny his feelings, as does Hana. They both get jealous when the other is with the opposite sex.. . and so on.

I recommend this manga to anyone who'd like to get a taste of shouja manga. It's a good way to start. Also, Vivi isn't half that bad XD