Oct 2, 2017
FrenZato (All reviews)
This Movie is a summary of the first half of the anime Overlord.

There’s basically nothing more to say, if you've watched the anime watching the movie will probably disappoint some of you, since it doesn’t add more to the plot of the story which we have been dying to know more off.

However, in a sense the movie helps hyped up the story for the upcoming Second season. It also help us remind of what happened in the story, so when the second season hits we would felt like theres no gap from season 1 to season 2.

Overall the movie was bog standard. I enjoy the anime, and seeing the recap movie helps me remember the fun times I had watching the anime in the first place. It’s fun imagining ourselves as the Overlord, which could take over the world easily.
I recommend you watch the anime, however if you’re waiting for the second season like I do. You could consider watching the movie it summed up the first-half well and with more time on our hands. But if you have more time in your hands, i recommend just rewatching the anime for the full ride.