Sep 23, 2017
Gabbachi (All reviews)
Hitorijime My Herooooo! I was very excited to have another shounen ai be adapted, and I was not that disappointed.

Story- basic concept that can be guessed from a teacher/student relationship. Common concerns and drama are present. If you're tired of the cliches, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this. However for those you enjoy fluffy cliches in this genre, oh boy you'll love this.

Art- It's a bit lackluster. No explosions of color or movement. It's relaxing.

Sound- romantic vibes all around. Gets repetitive in using the same fluff song. But the overall soundtrack is good.

Characters- Is there huge character development? Ehhhh not really besides some reconciling. There was potential in other characters like the barista and the mom (you'll know what I mean). Our main character is conflicted the entire show and that's what really drives it all.

Enjoyment- I will almost always enjoy a shounen ai anime just because it's still uncommon compared to other genres. Still, the anime left a sweet note with me and lifts up the heart!

Overall- I would recommend this to someone who is new to shounen ai or just anyone who loves sweet conflict.