Sep 10, 2017
bratrstvoNODKane (All reviews)
In comparison with Visual Novel, manga wasnt very good or long, but it was still better than anime.
Anime was soooo reduced in lengh/volume , it was skewed, many moments were cut off etc etc.... Manga was still reduced and has cut off some moments too it wasnt so disastrous like was anime. I have feel like they made manga and anime only as advertisement for VN.

Manga was on the one side has good art, much better made plot than anime, buton the other side, its short (2-3 hours)and cant be compared with VN.
Overall rate:
visual novel (Sora´s route)- Everything good, except that begining was quite boring (first 3-4 hours veeeery slow gradation of story/plot). 9/10
manga - Volume/lengh was very trimmed but it was still much better than anime. 7/10
anime - Already mentioned at the start of review. If you guys want to really enjoy this literar work, read visual novel, Anime is trash, except music. 5/10