Sep 9, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Dubbed

Not a story in my eyes. This is just an artistic portrayal that blends with a song in regards to John lennon. Some might know the name but not know who that is. If you happen to watch the video and the music and or art reminds you of the Beatles. Congratulations, you knew all along. As for the ending it wasn't what i would have in mind but did end on a nice note.

Have you ever been a fan of something? Do you happen to enjoy puzzles? Congratulations, you too can come to appreciate the craftsmanship that went with this piece's creation. You will find tons of symbolic and clear representations. Although, while that was fun in relation to the nudity depiction i am not so how clear that was symbolically. While on one hand that did blend with the song, mood, and the artist group. Although some may find the act of 'love' to be 'dirty'. With that being the case and give the time of its production in the 70's was this a dedication or a form of slander?

Not being very artsy myself. Nor, having grown in that era, i am not clear to when proper animation could be show in anime in general. Which is why i did not grade to harshly on that retrospect.

I was not pleased with the loop like animation. Although, i did appreciate the subliminal messages that went with some animation.

A nice lovely spirited song in general. Music at the end in regardless to the harmonica seemed to be off-key. Kind of ruined the nice feel good vibe the video had started.

Overall:Regardless, of how one may stand and how you might feel on old animation; A fan will smile nonetheless. For such images like the 'yellow submarine' brought back some nice memories.