Aug 18, 2017
Ignelys (All reviews)
Since this manga is pretty unknown i thought i should make my own rewiew to advise people about it (sorry for my english).

Story :

Even though there is plenty of stories about the same theme, the plot of this one is still interesting.
Due to the short lengh of the short lengh of the story, the development is (too ?) quick without breaks. Still there is few good plot twists which are really unexpected.
Furthermore, the misteries about some of the characters and about the whole game are really intriguing.

Art :

The art is pretty decent overall. The gore scenes are well drawn, the background is okay. The design of the side characters is really basic so we hardly remember them. By contrast, the few main characters have an interesting appearance especially the hero who has an unusual look for a main character.

Character :

Again the side characters are a bit underdevelopped but this can't be helped with only 3 volumes. However some characters (especially the two investigators) lack of development.
Finally the whole plot is carried by 3-4 characters trough all the story who are the only ones with a decent evolution.

Enjoyment :

Even if it has some defaults, it's still an enjoyable read. I really appreciate the fact that the author managed to keep his plot interesting until the end while dropping some clues about the truth behind the game through all the story. So you can draw your own hypotesis and still being entertained.

Overall :

If you like this kind of manga, you will most likely enjoy Touhyou Game. Don't expect too much about it, but it's worth giving it a try.