Feb 16, 2008
Lunaria (All reviews)
Notice that i have read only the first volume of this manga,and i still acn't wait for second one to get realesed.

Story:The story follows the adventures of Natsu,a fire-based mage,member of the greater mage guild,Fairy Tail,that gets sick easily by any kind of trasportation,his talking cat,Happy,and a girl named Lucy,that practices 'key' magic.Natsu is in search of his great master,Salamander,and at the meanwhile,joins Lucy and together they establish guild jobs.

Art:Pretty sweet,shounen artwork,with nicely drawn characters,males and females.Detailed costumes.The only bad about it,is i think the way the eyes of te characters are drawn when they are surprised(huge black eyes fill the face).

Character:The characters,as i said before,is Natsu,that has a really funny personality,and makes great,smart dialogs with any other character.He is quite strong with magic too.Lucy,'a bit of a tsundere' pretty girl,in search to make her dreams come true.Happy,the cat ,is a really funny one too.

Enjoyment:A great fantasy shounen-comedy series,with a lot of adventure and action.For the bit that i have read,it gets a 10.