Jul 8, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English subtitled

An anime is suppose to be a continued show. However, there are some like this one that don't abide to that logic. They experiment per say. Option 1 was okay but what if we go with option 2 for art and let's go with option 3 for story plot and option 4 for characters. Depending on how gradual the change is and the overall plot i can see a potential for the anime to work out. Not here. The change is entirely random. A true statement to the art/plot, hell even a fair rating of this show comes down to a literal dice roll. Meaning anywhere from 1 to 6. Why might that be? You know how when you watch a show you see a trailer in the introduction. Normally, it is followed along by a song of sorts. Now, imagine that are the episodes you are seeing. What a mess. Don't get me wrong some introductory trailers in episodes are straight forward like C.S.I. or Las Vegas (both American television shows) are straight forward. For they provide the general premise of the show. Other episode intros are either quite short or too broad by not providing anything substantial of what to expect.

That was the plot logic in short as for the play out... hahaha that is where i find the comedy aspect comes into play. For some you can see coming but with others you may find your jaw hanging open for you are perplexed at what you just witnessed. In short by comedy they went with not a slip and fall approach but confusion. You know, when a teacher may give a completely out of the blue test and expect an overall good turn-out.

was just as wacky as the plot. You don't know what you are in for until you see it. Even if you watched the episode before. For there is constant changes. In short good luck at finding similarities between episodes.

Overall: unless you find the bizarre funny i would find humor elsewhere.