Jun 30, 2017
kamui90 (All reviews)
Pity, a good story was rushed and ruined at the end for me. I know that the mangaka has a limited number of pages to work with, but the story is not properly conveyed, which is the biggest problem for me when it comes to the manga based on romance novels.
Story 7/10
It has a really interesting start; time traveling a mystery-solving.
Enough to poke your interest. The romantic development between the characters was also sweet, although the hero did annoy me a little.
The hero accused heroine so much, but changed his mind after two weeks, which is really quick and unrealistic, but the "limited number of pages issue" is the one to blame.
To be honest, I could go pass everything, except the ending scene. It looked kind of off, and meh -_-
Characters: 5/10
Not much to tell here, as their back stories are not in the focus, since they are solving the mystery and are in 1884. Some of the supporting characters were there just because. Again blame it on the "limited number of pages."
Art 6/10
I actually like it. It's nice.
Overall 7/10
Despite its flaws, It kept my attention. For you who seek interesting and not so realistic story, this one satisfies several criteriums such as history, time travel, murder, and of course, romance. Would recommend for reading.