Jun 23, 2017
MaximoHentaisama (All reviews)
Review to Bokura No Sex:

Three Stories:
(Episode 01)
1. A student confesses his love to his swimming teacher.
2. A teacher is deceived and bound to satisfy the fetish of a man.

(Episode 02)
1. A boy has sex with his friend's sister while they are looking for him.
2. Continuation of the 2nd. story.

This OVA is one more collection of the many adaptations of Queen Bee. A set of several different stories that adapt the manga of the same name and with that characteristic animation of the studio.

*Dark Skin (Tanned, 8/10)
*Swinsuit (Very good, 8/10)
*Nakadashi (8/10)
*Big Boobs (8/10)
*Paizuri (Good, 7/10)
*Masturbation (7/10)
*Creampie (8/10)
*Bondage (7/10)

Good points:
- The 2 stories of the tanned teacher and the shota having sex without that their friends know.
- Tanned and a teacher.
- It is always nice to see a student and his teacher.
- A character design true to manga.

Bad points:
- Although its design of personages is very faithful to the original work, its animation as always is not very remarkable.
- 2nd Story: Average.

In my opinion, the 1st story is the most remarkable. Considering that they are short stories, I give 8/10