Jun 18, 2017
YakkiBoi (All reviews)
Do you like 80s magical girls? Do 11 year olds fighting a tentacle monster make you DIAMOND HARD? Oh boy, is this for you.

On a more serious note, this is an enjoyable crossover for anyone who knows of Studio Perriot's earlier works. For something coming out of the 80s, it's fairly well-made. It's a shame the main villain is A TENTACLE MONSTER, though. I don't think they knew what would become of tentacles in the anime and manga world.

It's only 30 minutes long, the music is intense when needed and I personally found it enjoyable. It was interesting to see those four characters come together in a crossover.

On the other hand... The fighting scenes were lackluster and it lacked of any magical girl transformation scene, other than the one Yuu (worst girl, amirite) gets. Admittedly, most people don't like transformation scenes but heck, I ain't watching no mahou shoujo anime for nothing!