Jun 12, 2017
xiliqs (All reviews)
I decided to write this review because all other people that wrote the reviews here haven't finished the manga....

So first I need to say that I watched both seasons of the anime, and after that I decided to read the manga (started on chapter 134 until 210 and then read the 5 omakes that come after)

I will be sincere, the story starts slow, but after a while it gets really good.
The second main arc (with Hagoromo Gitsune) is the best for me... after that the manga gets a little bit slow again, but then it get's better, SO DON'T GIVE UP

The manga got axed by Jump, which is not a novelty (Jump does that with most mangas =//), so we have the final battle in a differente magazine (~60 pages per chapter and coloured pages!!) - that's a plus. And 5 omakes in the end that explain some stuff that didn't get explanation before...

So, even though it got axed, we still got a good story with a nice end.

I recommend everyone that like shounen in the style of KHR, Ao No Exorcist, Noragami to take a look at this manga.

The art style is great! The author draws really well, love the art style.

The story is quite nice about youkais and different kind of powers. Also, it talks about gods and myths in Japan, which is a plus for me.

I am a girl, and even though this a shounen, for me matters a lot if there are strong girls as characters, and there are!! So another plus!