May 19, 2017
PCheesy (All reviews)
Lucky Star is a nice anime to watch if you need a break from a more serious/dramatic storyline and you just want to see cute girls doing cute things. There isn't really a plot or an overarching narrative at all really, just some running gags and a revolving cast of characters. This makes the anime perfect for small doses.

The interactions between the characters are pretty organic which is nice, but there is a strong reliance on stereotypes which lead to very little character development. The one area the anime does transcend stereotypes somewhat is in the portrayal of otaku. There are the hardcore otaku characters, but there are also the characters who like some otaku things but that isn't their defining personality trait.

I really enjoy the moments when the anime steps out of its box and parodies other anime styles, including mecha, action and dramatic animes. I also enjoy the "lucky channel" segments with their colorful cast of characters and 4th wall jokes. As a matter of fact, the lucky channel segments are the only parts of the show with an overall narrative and character development. When the anime has these moments, I get a little reminder of a similar style show, nichijou, which I absolutely loved.