May 19, 2017
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This review is after watching the first six episodes. Initially I did not plan to watch the show due to ts low ratings on this website, but I had already watched all the "good rated" shows this season and couldn't find any other, so I thought of giving it a try.

Story: There is a lot of story progression already in the first six episodes and none of the episodes dawdle on one concept too long. Also, nothing looks forced as new concepts are introduced to the viewers. In short, the story is fast paced and takes you for the ride.

Art: CG or whatnot, the art is incredibly good. Although you can see the CG effects in Kado too, I have heard of complaints in this anime only. Opposed to Kado, you don't notice the CG affects as much due to wonderful work by the CG director and also due to ROBOTS (no spoiler as promised)

Sound: Sound is so-so but as mystery elements are introduced ( spoilers! no spoilers I say!), the track variation is introduced and it produces some magical effects in the brain.

Character: The story has focused on currently two major characters (or three I should say) and the story also revolves around them. Since these are only six episodes and if you consider the time it took to build up the plot in episode 1, they have done a good job in five episodes. I love the characters and their interaction and how each of them are handling their circumstances. Still characters have predictable actions on how they would react except one. They have been molded into those personifications. If the show breaks through these lines (which is very difficult as story progresses), I would say this can become a great show.

Enjoyment: This can't be explained! If you view objectively, my ratings haven't been that good except the story part but due to this being carrying the most weight in my judgement, if a show gets this right, it can become a fantastic show. Till now, it has been able to hit all the right spots in my enjoyment circuitry and I consider it 9!

So, that's my review. As before, I don't want others to watch only for better ratings. It was my honest review for a good show. Considering that even a show with no plot development can get better ratings than this, it seriously doesn't deserve a rating this low! I suppose rating between 7 and 8 would be a good one for this. For the benefit of the doubt, I have given it 8!