May 13, 2017
raamen (All reviews)
Where do I begin... this manga is just amazing.

Mekankushi no Kuni is unique but at the same time common because we have all thoughts about the what ifs: "what if I could see into the future" or "what if I knew everyone's past." But, this manga is unique in its delivery of these common thoughts into a masterful story that really takes its readers into a whirlwind of conflict, emotions, deep thoughts, and enjoyment.

The characters in this manga are complex and have dimension. The characters are flawed and have struggles which gives them depth and makes for a great story. I really enjoyed seeing the balance and interactions among the characters. And the main characters are lovable and endearing.

The only qualm that some may have is that this is an older manga, so some may think that this manga is dated. But I assure you, this story is timeless.