Apr 29, 2017
Yngwho (All reviews)
This was my first Manga i finished reading.

A short story, i always wanted to read manga, but i could never get into any of them.. But than i randomly found this manga and it hit my interests.

Boy, i couldn't believe how much i enjoyed reading! I never read books or mangas, i usually watch Anime or movies, but i don't regret starting this manga!

Story: 8
I've been a fan of Dinosaurs ever since i was a little kid. So, it was really suprising to find a manga a about dimension where dinosaurs and humans lived happily and peacefully. Now, we have the flintstones ofc! which is an all time classical cartoon and i think almost everyone grew up with it! But this manga was something different. Instead of living in the prehistory, this dimension is actually playing in the modern time! And Dinosaurs evolved into half humans!? It sounds so bad at first, but wait till you start reading it! it's so cute and hilarious!

Art: 7
I have to get used to the black-white style, since i only watched animes. Coloring is an really important faction for me when it comes to art. But the characters were all so well drawn, that i didn't miss the colors.

Character: 9
the characters are loveble if you ask me! Specially gotta love Churio and her dense personallity. As we might all know, Tyranosaurus rex has extremely small brains, making them well, not all too smart. I think the author of this manga really adepted this theory well on churio's character! Yuuma and churio are so cute together! Im not going to spoil any other characters as it might spoil the story.

Enjoyment: 9
I don't think ive laughed this much while reading, i really enjoyed reading it! I was reading page after page and before i knew it, it was finished!. Of course this is never going to have an animation,But i would so watch it if there would!

Overall: 8
Overall, i have no regrets of this being my first ever finished manga and i hope i'll start reading more manga after this!