Apr 25, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
Rate a 6
English subtitled
art film

I am well aware of the classic tale of the bunny and the turtle. Those not familiar with the message behind it is to not underestimate your opponent. I like the childish song approach. Reminds me of Anything you can do I can do better song. While the story has an uplifting message the ending dialog was a bit snootiness and the animated art wasn't that better on that point.

-black and white production
-A tad too long of a delay on the animation for introduction.

Sound- nothing to comment on

Character- nothing to comment on

Enjoyment: With the minor exception of the crown scene this a delightful short starting animation most ages can benefit from. The crow scene involves the noise you would expect although like English has taught one countless times before words generally carry multiple meanings. In this case the animated sound in word form is also a vulgar mention, a no-no word. Not easily caught by english folks because you would need to know Japanese to catch it.