Apr 2, 2010
The One (Manga) add (All reviews)
anetxi (All reviews)
The story in "The One" is neither boring nor slow-paced, which makes it very interesting and stimulating to the reader; although the underline theme is "life in the fashion world", it does not fall in the cliché category.

The main character escapes from the typical lead female in anime/manga, which makes the reader curious, because you don't easily predict what the character's next move will be.

The artwork is very good, nothing over the top, but captivating and very pleasant.

This manga turned out to be a surprise for me, I never expected to be this devoted.
Although it's not finished yet, it's interesting to re-read the story because there's always a little detail that you miss, or simply because there's such a fast development that it will seem that everything happened "a long time ago...".