Apr 16, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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English Subtitled

Warning this is based on not only religion but creation. Don't forget this is a person's view doesn't mean what you may think happen happened.

What is originally thought to be the oldest story known told in an animation form takes an interesting spin. Sure, it informs you with old information but provides almost a background basis that was either left out of the bible or in more of an easier form to read. As for the conclusion it is was you would expect.

-black and white
- sure color could have been applied but given the plot it works well without it. For color is perspective. How one sees things. Do you think an infant would know what black is and what purpose white serves? Most likely not.

A classical background. A good choice for depicting wide spread feelings in form of imagination.

Enough information is provided to prevent questions.

I suppose this has two parties of audiences. Those who are in religion school and those who want to reflect on life.