Mar 20, 2017
omarssikins (All reviews)

Short and simple review.

The story sucks, there is some interesting bits later on when the enemies come in and you find out their background but it's generally dismissed because of Mr. "I want to be a Hero." It moreoless sticks to the stereotypical, happy go lucky MC with dreams of becoming a hero; very little development is shown for any character- for the most part it's a one person show.

Art; generally it's decent to good. Except for when the mecha fights begin- then its excellent and you can see that's where the budget is all in.

Sound/music: It's passable, again most of the good tracks are reserved for the intense mecha fights.

Characters: The main cast is boring, like paint drying boring. Some of the villians are pretty interesting but little development.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed it for what it clearly was, a fighting mecha; it does the one thing it sets out to do and that's set up a scenerio where you can have cool mecha fights in space.