Jan 16, 2017
herlegacys (All reviews)
Bondage 101 is a quite, very good hentai. I am positive that you should look into the synopsis before watching this quite amazing hentai.

Story: 8/10. Since I'm the ONLY one that watched this hentai, The story is about a woman (Professor Kusugi) and the principal bringing a sensei (Professor Shimazu) to a college (SPOLIER: he was fired from his last school because of S&M) to rape 3 very quite smart girls (Yumiko Nitou, Tomo Nagasato, and Asuna Narita) and turn them into obedient sex slaves. Is that good or not? NO!! because Shimazu wanted to teach his classes instead of this sex slave stuff. At least he didn't go REALLY outta control.

Art: 10/10. It's so amazing. They showed us the game pictures before the logo in episode 1.

Sound: 9/10. I really appreciate the sounds.

Characters: 7/10. Personality:
Shimazu - inspiring
Yumiko - obedient
Tomo - Aggressive & annoying (sometimes) "always the character to get a enema"
Asuna - obedient too "the character that tries to endure her fate"
Professor Kusugi - evil
Principal - evil

Enjoyment: 9/10.

Overall: 8/10.

This hentai includes:

-Enema (no scat scenes;ONLY sounds heard)

Uncensored: YES