Dec 13, 2016
M0richild (All reviews)
Did you love the first two seasons of Osomatsu-san and desperately need something to fill the sextuplet shaped hole in your life? Do you know anything about horse racing? Do you have half an hour to kill? If so then you might as well check this out.
This was a mediocre episode of Osomatsu-san. Most jokes didn't stick, and the ones that did were chuckle worthy at best. I'd say that there's a lot more gross-out humor in here than in the actual series, and most of it was pretty lazy. Art is noticeably stiffer than in the original series as well. There's only so many racing jokes that you can make, and at the end of the episode the writers seemed to be beating a dead horse (bad pun definitely intended).
I don't know if I'd watch this were I to go back in time knowing how iffy it was. Unless you're a completionist, REALLY love Osomatsu-san, or happen to belong to a very niche group of horse-racing-anime fans, I'd say this is probably a skip. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really love it either.