Oct 29, 2016
Dreams (Anime) add (All reviews)
SolidusSnake1995 (All reviews)
Let's blast this off by stating the obvious. This is not a regular series or by any means a standalone movie or episode. It is a small project, and in every sense a pure work of art as if you make the endeavor of watching it you will immediately understand that no mean to please you in a commercial sense is there. I think that any negativity against this is the love child between the perpetually fan-pleasing industry and the fans. We have to admit that in spite of anime enjoying an immense array of themes and underlying ideas as a body, the narrative media and the elements of the script from series to series to movies remain pretty methodical and typical: You have your discreet character introductions, a cemented story, a purpose, climaxes, twists, downfalls and comebacks leading to -hopefully- either a pleasing outcome that attempts to make justice of the followed course or a cheeky, rage inducing ending with the purpose of pummeling your expectations as a sacrifice to the shrine of inescapable fate, a storytelling favorite. And that's where the problem is rooted. If as an anime fan you haven't reached the acceptance that you are but a pin among a haystack of corporate spectacle, then you won't understand how damaging it is for a medium that's supposed to be primarily artistic to be plagued and defined by the expectations of thousands of "spoiled" individuals that expect nothing but a concrete story and annoyingly discernible emotional and ideological outlines. I won't delve a lot into the actual anime, because as stated already, it is much more of a pure work of art, thus more open to interpretation and of course criticism.

Please, note that for this review, as we deal with an abstract work, aren't low because of poor story or characterization but because of lack thereof.

Story - 2: It's pretty abstract as I wrote, but not to an extreme, so that you can actually paint over it with your imagination, connecting the lines yourself. Anything can be acceptable, for me it's the obvious undertones of sexuality and and maybe some evolutionary undertones, whatever.

Art - 8: Here is where I don't get most people. The art is by far not infantile, it's just messy, but nicely paced, with forms fluently distorting and melting as images repeatedly spring up from inside one another, with impressive detail here and there.

Sound - 5: Despite the rating, it's just up to preference. It's good for complementing the funky art, but not much of a standalone OST.

Enjoyment: - 6: Again, it's rudimentary to watch it from a perspective clear of mainstream expectations. If you are bored and just need some time filler you are not going to enjoy this. But if you are feeling up to a little brainstorming this is at least a quirky way of satisfying your thirst.

Overall - 5: Maybe it didn't have much to say to me personally, but I also don't regret watching this. If I have to stress something out, that would be to not let the norm shape your view on something different. This behavior has cursed generations of artists. People that thought Monet and Van Gogh were too "unclear" and "childish" or that Klimt was aimlessly provocative, or that Hendrix was a klutz are now hailed as the dumbasses of criticism's history, so don't be those guys.