Oct 8, 2016
mc_anime_ (All reviews)
This anime was very good. I especially like the sound! Moreover, the animation quality gets a lot better half way through!
However, to truly appreciate this story I think you would have to read the manga portion after the anime...
I would recommend reading the whole manga instead of watching the anime lol but then you would miss out on the awesome music....
Anyways, in my humble opinion, I think this anime series was very good (I give it an 8.5, rounded up to 9) but the manga was mind blowing to me - the story, the humour and the dynamic just flows a lot better in manga form... the fights and characters also look more badass in my opinion (the manga fight scenes had a lot more blood, character were more detailed)
Anyways that was just my opinion, I would recommend either the anime or manga - Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a great story!!