Sep 23, 2016
Bucklesocks (All reviews)
Hi there,i decided to do a review of a romance/comedy anime called:Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga aru! or on English:The art club has a problem!I decided to put in a tl;dr for each score next to it.Let's get right into it,shall we?

Story:7/10 Hilarious plot at first,kind of falls off later.

It was interesting to say nonetheless,i really liked the idea of Subaru being into 2D girls and that he is in the art club so he can draw them,other than that the story is pretty bland,they go on with their daily lives and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,each of the episodes are interesting.

Art/Animation:9/10 Beautiful,colorful and very original art style.

Holy the art is amazing,each of the characters has unique looks,but still fall in the same art style.It is colorful and just a delight to watch,the animation was alright,nothing amazing.

Sound:8/10 Opening/ending are great,other songs could have been better.

Not much to say,i love the opening and the ending,they are very catchy,but other than that the soundtrack is not very memorable,it is good enough,better than most other romance/comedies.

Comedy:10/10 This doesn't count for the overall score,it was hilarious.

This is just an add-on,and it doesn't go with the overall score,but i wanted to just mention it.The whole anime is hilarious!the characters are funny,the comedy doesn't feel forced and goes well with the characters' personatilies.

Characters:10/10 Funny,clever and fun to watch.

Oh boy,the characters,they are the best thing about the show!All of them are original and funny,they are well done and each one of them fits their role.It wasn't the best development in the world,but it was a pretty good one.There was not a single character that i didn't like.

Enjoyment:10/10 this and the characters alone are worth the watch.

As i said earlier,it has some great comedy,it never gets boring to see what they are doing next,this comes from someone who was watching the show when episode 1 aired.

Overall:8.6/10 Worth the watch,one of my favorite romance/comedies

The show did have some problems like the conclusion which was satisfying,but not exactly what we wanted though.I can't recommend you enough this anime if you are a fan of slice of life/romance/comedies,even if you are not i think you are going to like the characters and the comedy,it was brilliant,for those who seen the show and wonder why i gave it a 8.6/10(which falls into the category 9/10) and saying stuff like:you are overrating it.Well,maybe,but hey!that's just my opinion and it shouldn't offend anyone,if it did offend someone i kinda feel bad but those people are just wasting time,and should focus more on enjoying things rather than hating on them.

Conclusion:If you read my whole 511-ish words long review(i don't think i counted the exact right number,somewhere around 511)i am really grateful,i was kinda feeling depressed recently and this anime really helped me,and hopefully this review will make you give this anime a shot!also +71(582-ish words in total) words for this conclusion part,see you next time,guys,this was a really fun ride.