Sep 22, 2016
Harambe_Panic (All reviews)

The fact that I am a gay shouldn't have any impact on my views here, however a lot of these reviews seem to think that such an inconsequential personal detail is the lynch pin on which the entire world should turn.

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is a charming, inoffensive and hilarious series, something that is evidently lost on the joyless, humourless losers who seem to think they're being oppressed by cartoon characters.

Fragile little faeries with hair trigger emotions and a victimhood fetish this is evidently not for you.

But anybody with a sense of humour and skin thicker than a wispy fart will be utterly captivated by these characters and their fabulous interplay, 3 minutes per episode isn't enough time to tell a complicated story, but it is enough time to make a human connection and its more than enough time to make you fall in love.

Highly recommend... unless you're a humourless weakling.