Sep 11, 2016
Unamo31 (All reviews)
Yami Shibai was an anime like I haven't seen before. I only anime that I could possibly slightly comapre it to is Pet Shop of Horrors due to the way that it is set out with new characters and storylines each episode. It was a quick watch of horror which I could fit in to watch anywhere and get a little creeped out everytime.

The story was ok. Considering each episode goes for a duration of 5 minutes with a new story each episode there was not much room for development of a story. But that was not the point of this anime. It was just a quick little horror story to give people a scare.

I really liked the art style of this anime. It was completly different to most art styles in the way that it resembled a paper cut out and stop motion animation. Even with this simple art design, the anime still managed to look good and present scares. In fact, some of the scenes were probably even creepier being this type of art style.

The sound was another main aspect of this anime. Some of the small creaks and cracks that this anime made really added to the tension and scares. The voice acting was really good and the sound the creepy beings made and the way they spoke made them even spookier.

Much like the story, being such short episodes with new characters you could never really get to attached to chacters, but in retrospect you didn't need to. These characters were just experiencing something creepy and you didn't need to know their whole backstory. Enough was known about them in most of the epsiodes to know why they are where they are and what they will do about the circumstances which is all you need for this anime.

I really enjoyed this anime and although I never got completly scared I can tell you 100% I go creeped out. Some of the stories and character designs were super creepy and haunting and there are few that I don't think I will ever forget.

Overall, I think this anime is a good one to watch if you are a fan of horror and just want something quick and creepy to watch. For storylines and character development watch something like Another but if all you want is a quick scare and can accept a different art design then I would recommend this.