Sep 9, 2016
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
(takes several breaths) this anime music video was good and bad... mostly bad.

The art was wonderful. Nice shades... good colors... killer animation.

Character: I still found it unclear what the mask served as. How it had a double purpose. How everything came to be. I felt i was almost teleported to an alien planet. I saw everything unfold before me but could not retain further than what i saw.

Sound: did not surprise me when i found out the music was of the heavy rock genre. Those not aware of such music i don't care what language it is in most often you will hear bits and pieces the rest you need a printed lyric sheet for. This is one of the reasons i don't like heavy metal. Plus with this music there is no good listening level.... they all hurt my ears.

overall: love the art hate the point of the music video, 3.