Jul 30, 2016
BoyHime732 (All reviews)
Re: Cutie Honey was good. That's all you need to know. Go watch it. What, that's not enough for you? You need to know things about it? Alright, time to get a review going.

Story (8/10)

The most impressive thing about this show's story is that all three episodes manage to be wildly different while still telling the same story.

The first episode is a regular Imaishi action comedy romp. The blueprints for Kill la Kill are very apparent, and while this series doesn't develop the great visual sense and character dynamics that later series did, it still hits a lot of the same excitement.

The second episode, on the other hand, is a regular superhero drama. It's the typical story of the hero who tries to do her best, but gets blamed for the trouble villains cause. While it's a really common story these days, it had a lot of hold considering the more carefree episode before it. Another huge thread in this episode was society's treatment of women. As funny as that sounds to talk about in an ecchi anime, the second episode did a lot to capture how Honey and her peers weren't being appreciated.

The third episode is the one that was directed by Hideaki Anno. The apocalyptic imagery and themes of isolation you'd expect are very much present. I thought the script was kind of iffy though, and would have liked it to have followed up on the themes in episode 2.

But what really strikes me about the story is that while I can go on about how the three episodes' scenarios are different, the characters have one united story. Natsuki and Honey's dynamic is always sharp and adorable, Seiji is always an amusing witty sidekick, and Kyoko always brings a smile to your face. And that's what the story was for me. These four people coming together to fight this enemy, and not the convoluted specifics of where this enemy came from.

Art (7/10)
It's Gainax, so of course it's gonna look good. The first episode in particular is a standout display of colors, as expected from Imaishi. The next two aren't as visually stunning, sadly, but the series stays good looking enough you won't especially miss it.

Sound (6/10)
The OP is excellent, and the slowed down instrumental version that plays throughout the show is especially my jam. I felt there were some places the soundtrack felt bland or repetitive, but it was a fair track.

Character (7/10)
Are the characters deep? No. Are the characters fun and relatable? Yes. Honey is a ray of sunshine, and the day to day troubles she faces make her quite sympathetic. Natsuki is an excellent foil for her: strict, independent, and confident. Seiji, as I said before, is great if you enjoy the "smug smartass" character type (see Ryoji Kaji, Aikuro Mikisugi). There's nothing profound or original about these characters' depths, but if you like them they easily make the show worthwhile on their own.

Enjoyment (9/10)
This was exactly the pick-me-up I needed. Short show with only three episodes. Great action, great music, great design, some interesting themes, and like I've made clear, adorable characters.

Not sure how to be "objective" about enjoyment, but if you're here to have fun and you love subtle yuri (we're talking a couple inches above the Euphonium level), give this show a try.

Overall (8/10)
This isn't the score I have on my list. That's because there's a lot of shows I think are "Outstanding" (10), but I don't think all "Outstanding" shows are equal. I don't think all "Great"(9) shows are equal either.

But even if it's not in my favorites, I do think Re:Cutie Honey is a really good show. It's easy to finish, it hits a perfect balance between variation and consistency, and it'll have you shipping Honey and Natsuki in a jiff.