Jul 26, 2016
Mina-dere (All reviews)
I compare this one with the "1st season" of subaru and honestly I feel like nothing really has changed? There definitely has been character development and the artwork seriously got better imo but the plot kinda remains the same. Subaru is already this genius dancer and she's trying to improve herself in different areas. She always pulls through somehow and I can't shake off the feeling that her life is too good to be true. I feel like it's all just gonna come crashing down but who knows. I can't find any english scanlations after chapter 72 even though the mangas finished!! Ugh the struggles.

Anyways, the flow of the plot is nice but I feel like it's really quick? Like she struggles but she quickly overcomes them and as a result as a reader I dont empathize with her. I feel like it'd be better to see her struggle more but because she's this abnormal genius she just gets by. It's like I don't have time to empathize with her because shes so "perfect." It's just as how I felt while reading the 1st season.

Despite that, one of the most obvious changes is that theres now more romance in Subaru's life. And yes the guys get much more attractive. Oh god I'm always awestruck looking at the "main guy" because he's just so gorgeous. But even so, it's not too too prevalent. Just expect more Subaru rather than romance.

I would say it's also less dreary but only slightly. The 1st season was so intense compared to this one. (well atleast from what i've been able to read). At one point they also dive into a side character's background story. Idk if you like it when mangakas introduce a "second mc" but it happens here. I'm not too fond of it but if it's necessary to build the connection between Subaru and the other than I guess it's fine.

Welp that's all I'm gonna write because can't think of anything else. As for how I think of this, I would give it the same rating I gave the first one which was an 8. Pretty good but it's still lacking in something. I'm assuming you're reading this after having finished reading Subaru! Dance, so would I recommend you read this? Yeah sure, if you got hooked on the 1st part. But if you felt meh then I think you're better off just reading summaries to see how it all ends. I've never been drawn in particularly by this manga. I've been just killing time honestly. I could've lived without reading more.