Jun 18, 2016
Sora_Legacy (All reviews)
Unlike most people, I personally loved this anime. I understand the first few episode wasn’t so great but we need to look at a bigger picture right. Most people say the art is terrible but I think it’s alright. As for the story, I find it very interesting. you will a little confused in the beginning but as you continue, you’ll fully understand it and enjoy it. The character development is a bit slow, however, I think are great for a shounen anime. I agree that sound aren’t really impressive but view as a whole, I think it was really worth it to watch it! Sometimes, people have a negative point of view of an anime when they start watching it because of bad reviews but I think everyone should really try to have a good mindset and determine a anime by yourself. Just because other don’t enjoy it doesn't mean you would. Everyone has a different taste, right? As for the conclusion, I hope everyone can watch this anime by their self! Give it some time! You’ll enjoy it as the serie goes on!