May 20, 2016
Chinomi-san (All reviews)
By no means is this story unique. A new girl who is instantly attracted to the hottest guy in class because of a simple act of kindness really gets old. And why does he like her, anyway? Nobody knows. Throw in some jealousy and envy from surrounding girls, especially a girl from his past, and you've got some classic shoujo.

The only thing that makes this story a little different is the main character's family situation, which isn't very well explained. I'll let you figure out what's going on.

To be honest, story-wise, I was much more satisfied with the oneshot at the end of the manga than the main story itself. The oneshot was pretty good, actually, dealing with unrequited love and self realization.

Back to Hime to Knight to, Tonari no Watashi: the art was fine and looked good sometimes, but I was especially annoyed by the main character and other girls having such large eyes. It wasn't a problem all the time, but it was frequent and mostly seen in profile views. The boys' eyes were fine, but the girls' were not and it was weird; they almost looked like different species.

I also think the characters were quite typical. The main character seemed more resilient than usual given her difficult situation at home, but all the others were pretty normal shoujo material. The male lead was a perfect prince, etc.

Eh, this manga was a so-so. The oneshot was worth reading, but the actual story preceding it wasn't. It wasn't a terrible read but it isn't something that I'd put at the top of the shoujo tier.