Jan 28, 2016
RarestProGamer (All reviews)
The idea is quite fresh and new which is to gather more wedding rings and the only way for Main character to get stronger is to deepen his bonds with other wives. Hence, I loved it a lot because at least there will be no power-up arsepull out of nowhere BS and the other main reason why I gave it a high score, but it is one of those rare harem manga where harem actually progress through out the story. Unlike most of the harem series these days where nothing happens till the end and leaves you with only frustrations and sometimes the worst thing that happens when a harem series is given a non-harem ending. It is a harem genre for a reasons and if you are not giving us a proper harem, I might as well just read typical romcom drama. Most of the time author never puts any proper relationship development because they think or it might be universal thinking that the story will end right there if the main lead starts going out early into the story, but no that is not the case the story can still go on and become a lot more funnier after that and we can have proper relationship development, but that is not the case here.

Story: 9/10 (When I started reading this, I had bad vibes about this manga. I thought, it would be typical and generic romance BS with Damsel in distress setting and Oh boy, I was wrong. It turned out one of the best romance/harem manga because the main lead actually starts going out after the first few chapters, unlike many of the terrible harem series out there with typical non-harem ending arsepull at the end *I am looking at you nisekoi*. TBH, I never thought that this series would actually have harem element in future because as you progress into the story, you realize the main objective of the plot and that is to gather more wedding rings and that means more wives and that means greater and larger and better harem.)

Characters-10/10 (The main characters are definitely the strong point of the series. The main female Nokanatika actually feels jealous and quite disturb to the fact that his lover has to marry more women in future in order to save the world. So, this tells you that harem is there and not just for shits and giggle and it actually goes through realistic process to convince his first wife as for how to deal with other women. Those who have read Mushoku Tensei will know this feel. The only problem I have is with the main character like there is a point where Nokanatika tells him that she would do him if he wins the battle and MC gets all fired up, but they couldn't do it for some reasons after that, but the next day when they try to do it again. MC kindly refuses that he doesn't want to do it like this. He will only do it after returning to their homeland. What a load of BS? There are a lot of times where author teases us with such scenarios. I mean, MC would have done it to her that day, but he started having second thoughts the next day.)

Artwork-9.5/10 (Art is just brilliant and the fight scenes are actually well drawn, but just like rest of the harem/ecchi series the main focus or more like the main power of effort is always into drawing ecchi scenes with females and it is done quite well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). If you like me who reads tons of H-doujin, this series will act as a great boner booster for you.)

Enjoyment-9/10 (Aside from the holy and over-hero personality of the MC. Nonetheless, I loved it a lot and it is a harem series and so, it goes without saying that I am gonna give scores based on how well the harem is. To be honest, I tired of watching anime or reading Light novels/manga like DxD, Sekirei, Highschool of the Dead etc where the harem is there, but nothing happens until the end and sometimes nothing happens at all. Authors most of the time shy away when it comes to romance among the harem and gives us clueless dumb MC who doesn't have the balls to do anything when it comes to the real stuff, but acts all pervery and mighty all the time or sometimes barges in when the stuff is about to get real good. Hence, I highly recommend this manga, if you were looking for harem series with ACTUAL HAREM, you search ends here.)