Jan 4, 2016
ceilingotaku (All reviews)
Personally speaking, I like my anime to have a little more meat on its' bones than your every-day "generic cute lolis doing generic cute loli things" show. Despite that phrase essentially fitting Usagi perfectly, it's still enjoyable and sweet.

Story: 6/10. The story is simple, and not even really that compelling, but on an episode-to-episode level it's enjoyable. There's an emphasis on wacky humor that rarely missed the mark for me; if an anime can make me chuckle consistently at least once per episode, that's good enough for me.

Art: 7/10. The characters are generically moe-y, and not even really *that* well drawn, but they're cute and distinct with one another I did appreciate that every character had a diverse and cute wardrobe (if you're going to make a show about cute girls, I commend any show that makes the girls consistently cute). One aspect that really shone throughout the show were the backgrounds and scenery. Whenever the camera is taken off of the cast, or even sometimes when it's on the cast, you can't help but admire the gorgeously drawn and sparkling scenery. It really makes the viewer feel like they're walking along a pretty canal town themselves.

Sound: 7/10. Nothing really remarkable here. It's done well and doesn't miss the comedic beats.

Character: 7/10. The characters are sweetly designed to have their own distinct personality, even if no one really gets any deep or consistent backstory except maybe the novelist. The show meanders throughout a year in the lives of the protagonists, and while development occurs, it's small and mostly involves the growing friendships between all of them (especially Chino and Cocoa). Nothing spectacular, but done well enough that you do care about the little circle of friends.

Enjoyment: 7/10. About half way through it becomes more enjoyable due to the expansion of the cast. The humor, as mentioned before, is cute and unobnoxious. It's a nice "breather" show in between something more impactful. Not something I'd rewatch, but I'm looking forward to watching season two.

Overall: 7/10. It's fun and simple. It probably won't be at the top of anyone's list, or even in the top 5, but it's nice for when you just need to relax and watch something that doesn't require much thought. However, in comparison to other "cute girls doing cute things" type shows, this is definitely one of the better ones.