Dec 21, 2015
Gelate (All reviews)
While most people will glance at this and move along, I recommended you stop reading this and spend five minutes with the short before even bothering to read this. It's a little more serious than a lot of people might be expecting; there are some pretty powerful scenes contained within the short.

I quite enjoyed this due to the feeling of brevity it instilled into what happened, though I'm sure a lot of time passed for them, it felt like it happened in a blink of the eye. It felt like I was a being outside the world, seeing a glimpse of something amazing. This is given to us no only by the fact that there's a lot of jumps from situation to situation, but by the sudden emotional jerks it hits us with. Perhaps not everyone will feel as strongly connected to it as I did, but the bitter sweet swirl in my stomach is tantamount to how one might feel for a real life scenario, despite the fiction that's part of it.

I also found that there were some interesting collateral strikes in dealing with the abandonment of worship, loss of nature, culture, or love, and forgetting what we clung to so dearly cared about in the past. Just like love, loss is a part of life. It's a bizarre seeming thing, with no words, but I don't really feel that it needs them. It made me feel a warm sharp fuzzy pulse inside, and that was enough. I will admit that I was a little put off by the unusual animation and sound, but in the end I found it oddly pleasant as well. For what it is, I think I've given it the rating it made me feel it deserved.